4 step Free Visual Identity and Digital Branding Guide

Digital Visual Identity and Branding Guide

A guide how to design screenproof visual identities

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What makes a visual identity digital?

Digital visual identities are created for the screen: from smartphone screens to television, a good digital visual identity today works everywhere. You never know on what platform your brand and its visual identity will appear in the digital space next. Keep the following 4 aspects in mind and you’ll be okay 🙂

  • Physical feasibility
  • Format restrictions,
  • Characteristics of colours,
  • Typographical parameters.

In the Digital Branding Guide PDF, we will take a look at these parameters in detail to find out what it is that you need to be able to design a digital and screen-compatible visual identity in 2021.

1. Knowing technological limitations and possibilities

Progress in technology prompts the ongoing development of brands and visual identities as well. Fortunately, with technological advancement there are always new devices and products, leading to more and more opportunities for brands to show themselves. Consciously use and utilise technology in the design process and take trends into consideration.

2. Easy-to-apply formats

The visual identity has versatile formats, it meets today’s requirements and tries to respond to future challenges. You can’t sit back when you have a logo format. If you want to succeed in the digital world, you must consider how to position it on horizontal, vertical, and square-shaped backgrounds. Your logo must work in all of these, it must have a strong presence and be legible in every version.

3. The chosen colours work well in the digital space

Colours are key to visual identities, so you must pay special attention to them in the digital world. Find out how digital the brand is and choose accordingly. If we talk about a fully digital visual identity, like for a startup where the brand is displayed non-digitally less than 5% of the time, you can choose a digital brand colour.

4. Typography optimised for the screen

95% of the information you see on the internet is still written. It is important to understand the medium and provide relevant visual responses in typography as well. If you want your message to be legible in all circumstances, choose typography carefully. A key step is selecting the font. The next few steps will help you make the right decision.

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Are you ready to go into details? Download the the fully illustrated Digital Brandguide PDF guide now! If you have questions, or you would like to add something to feel free to comment or drop me an email at peter@brandguide.me. 😎

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