How a brand becomes it’s visual identity?

Publications, visual identities, company signs, store portals, the list is endless. 

We see these every day, we perceive them consciously or subconsciously, and their quality affects how sophisticated our expectations become. As a visual designer I work every day to improve our environment visually and to improve the quality of design in general. 

Soon to be released: Summer 2021

We are working hard, to meet the
deadline and to release the book on time.

About the author

As an expert of visual branding, Peter did not only put his creative energies to work within the walls of zwoelf.

Péter Sher is a key figure of the Hungarian graphic design scene. He graduated as an engineer, worked as the web designer of Walt Disney Internet Group during his university years and then completed MOME’s typography. 

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With this book I wish to contribute to this goal. We need small steps to start a process and eventually achieve our goal: a more sophisticated visual environment.

Peter Sher – founder


160+ pages


Discussed in 5 chapters


More than 80 illustrations and images


With a step-by-step workbook chapter

Short overview

The goal of is to provide easily accessible knowledge to everyone who wishes to learn. Let’s take a look at the main topics covered in the book and how they can help achieve these goals.

Fundaments of branding

Chapter 1 explores the fundamentals of branding. It guides the reader through the branding process and presents useful tools and tricks.

The Visual Response

Chapter 2 is about one of the most interesting parts of the whole design process: it describes how you can visually support the goals you established in the branding phase. It provides an inventory of the available tools and describes the effects they have on the viewer.

Visual, digital branding

Chapter 3 and 4 are about visual branding, with a step by step description of the whole process. It also discusses digital visual identities that meet today’s needs, describing the most typical digital platforms and their features.